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Missing You

album: Loopmasters
genre: Electronic
streams: 22

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Missing You description: 2015:My pc was at my wifes house while I got my life sorted out.worked at a shelter for five and a half years.In the end, I was...
Missing You
Gary Shukoski
11/27/16 05:00:35AM @gary-shukoski:
This definitely sounds like it could be submitted as a soundtrack for a movie or a video game. Great melodic presence.
09/21/16 08:10:37PM @mr-p:


I had an especially hard time getting this one together. Eyes of tears can weave no webs. Could see most of the time. 

I see sound in color so to speak, and have a really good ear for blending loops for these nice melodies that I whittle right out of bare block of sounds..


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