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Laid Back

album: Loopmasters
genre: Electronic
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This is the second piece I've put together since I've been in my new place and after all the drama has faded. I still hurt when I think of those I've lost...
Laid Back
Gary Shukoski
11/20/16 11:28:40PM @gary-shukoski:
Definitely diggin your sound here and you can thank barefoot Toni for getting me over to your page here!
09/21/16 08:07:21PM @mr-p:

@rusty-james. Yep, still hurts. Gonna be that way for a long time.

It is what it is! Accept it and Move on.

it works..LOL

09/21/16 08:06:14PM @mr-p:

Thanks guys. 

@dace-yates, I've been on Mixposure for quite some time now. Just had to walk away from a few things so I could come back...not much sence there but hey, I'm friends with everyone unless shown otherwise. Mostly I don't see the latter.

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