Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley


album: Out of the Ashes
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 156

06/08/09 08:48:35AM @mark-reed:
That's a dynamic intro. This one means business. That bass line is excellent, For me the dual guitar work really makes this stand out. Solo guitar stuff is superb. This is some piece very well done
02/16/09 04:13:43PM @jdk:
Paul- just freakin' awesome, man! love this to death. the arpeggiated guitar really fills the structure nicely. beautiful harmonies on the geetars. top shelf music.


09/29/08 04:20:15PM @tcp:
Another thoughtful piece. Dual leads, lush melodies. Superb playing that stacks up to songwriting. Very very good stuff Paul ...Blake
09/29/08 03:25:39AM @ab1:
thought sure i'd reviewed this one paul.. must have been the same title recently.. this one is more mainstream in outlook and mode.. this is a straight ahead rocker with some real nice harmonized guitars.. nice progression.. the guitars are layered real nice.. the lead is always ready to make it's presence known.. and then you shred it to the bone..
what i love is your fast stuff is really well placed and spaced.. there's no pure self indulgence.. your virtuosity serves the music.. the way it should be.. a modest gun slinger.. great piece paul.. some awesome playing that we hopefully don't take for granted in your case.. cheers..

Luca Wulf
09/28/08 05:14:10PM @huge-artist:
My cousin in a freefall nutcase...
He does the team work as well,stacking themselves and doing all kind of mental things LOL
He once asked me if I wanted to buddy jump.I politely declined the offer to throw myself out of airplane whilst strapped to a maniac.
Seemed the sensible thing...
I contented myself doing t-shirt designs for them...

So,I could well imagine how this music would fit the bill...
"They" have a little slogan:
"We know why the birds sing"
It is with that in mind that I get that sense of not "Falling",but flying.
The musicanship is flawless as always...
I can only imagine how the latest versions of these songs must sound,I mean,man this sounds so good....
"They" also have another little saying...
"It is better to be down here wishing you were up there,then to be up there wishing you were down here"
A note of caution against rash jumping in bad conditions,and again with that in mind,just maybe,if this song is anything to go by...
There are times when I think maybe I should have joined the maniac,just to see how much the gods hated me :)
Superb Paul,simply stunning.


09/27/08 12:31:50PM @terry-ponder:
this one just ROCKS, I love the flow and and the easy way the music flows with the melodies riding on top like the wind, it just flows. this is fantastic. buddy your playing never stops amazing me.

Just Awesome


09/15/08 12:30:53AM @jkondrak:
Excellent guitar skills used in an overall great rock instrumental. This represents a high level of achievement in both writing and performance. I haven't listened to much rock on mixposure yet, but you have set the bar very high. The next rock song I listen to will be difficult to review as this is such a home-run.

Really, really, good playing. I would listen to a whole album of this.


08/26/08 03:47:18PM @jelly:

Mr. Paul Blackmore!


08/10/08 03:41:02PM @loren:
i clicked mixposure, and you were the artist of the day. who knew you were even here. i remember this song. either from soundclick or the old place. i love the harmonizing guitars. the great style you demonstrate. excellent song.
Luca Wulf
06/18/08 02:32:58PM @huge-artist:
How weird is that?
I had not reviewed this!?!?!?!?!?
Oh well,many apologies Paul for my oversight.
I have yet to hear a piece by you that is not both a showcase for your guitar skills,AND,brimming over with emotion.
This is NO exception.
Beautiful written and aranged.
Rich,lush soundscape,perfect for the soaring guitar,both in melody and lead.
It has to be said that it is when you launch skywards on the lead that most of us just sit and shake our heads and wonder how a man makes a guitar sound like that...
The movement into the arabic scale was beautiful,it posativly radiates emotion.
As always,just amazing to sit and listen to you do your thing.

Grumpy Old Player
03/18/08 11:21:39AM @thedonsterproject:

Great track with many different flavors. LOVE the non-western feel you had in there too!

Great sounding everything. Amazing playing as well!

Doctor C
12/25/07 09:33:58PM @doctor-c:
Hey Paul! It's GREAT to have you here. I remember enjoying this track in good ol' Mixposure days. It's a fantastic track alright! But you had so much more... Please post more of your wonderful music, I can't wait to hear your magical songs.
12/23/07 02:08:42AM @exhibit-a:
Nice job. Production, performance, arrangement all working nicely here. Tasteful and energetic.
12/22/07 09:44:13PM @vesa:
Hey Paul;

This is a great tune. You sure can touch those strings with a soulful expression. Always love your playing;fluid and also most expressive. Excellent sound.
Take care. -Vesa. (Happy Holiday and all the best next year).

11/24/07 07:07:42PM @michael-styron:
I love Your songs .. This is a Killer !!
06/10/08 04:08:17PM @tcp:
Guess I'm a little late to the party, eh Paul? Well, heard this track on iMS radio and wrote it down. Lost the paper and just found it. First off love the soundscape you've create with all your instruments. Second, great song structure/progressions. Third, some magnificent guitar playing. Quite some magical winding and weaving. Some guitar players play, and some talk. You are a talker mate....and love what you're doing here. Simple awesome!! Better late than never... ~Blake
Grumpy Old Player
11/23/07 09:23:59AM @thedonsterproject:
Holy carp is this good!!

The production is top-shelf, but the playing is what has people talking by the water cooler. You play with such conviction that I didn't want to listen to anything else (incl. my kids).

Great, great sosng! Enjoyed the ride.

11/20/07 08:28:26AM @lex-zaleta:
Yeah, I'm FREEFALLin' once again with Paul "O"! Great to hear you at the Scene. Those top musicians who reviewed before me got it right - this is clean and tight, as all your work is. Back the truck up and unload some more tunes.
11/08/07 11:50:35AM @dazed:
Man this is fantastic. You and Chrickon should collaborate on a song. It would be amazing. What I really love about this song is the subtle clean guitar that creeps into the song in spots. Very cool.

Paul your playing is remarkable. Added as a favorite!

Main Pie
11/07/07 08:38:27PM @main-pie:
You are here with me!!!!! So cool...great to see your friendly smiling face!
Please keep in touch Brother!!!

11/06/07 05:34:07PM @michael-nunley:
Wow, great intro. Nice wide mix good full background to your lead.
Just a nice project all around. Well done.


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