Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley


album: Out of the Ashes
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 112

12/01/10 11:34:07AM @cooter:
Amazingly beautiful tune, Paul. Wonderfully done on all levels. Great guitar work, good sir. Love it.


Luca Wulf
10/22/09 12:22:24PM @huge-artist:
Soul mate...
You couldn't explain that to anyone in words that would actually completely sum it up.
And so...
You don't.
You let the colour of music and emotion paint it better than any words ever could.
I could try and use words to describe the impressions,but words aren't going to cut it are they?.

Music feeds of emotion,good,bad,love and hate,so long as it is strong it will fuel every note.

Simply put;"Beautiful",for ALL the right reasons.


Farrell Jackson
09/12/09 03:55:48PM @farrell-jackson:
Wow Paul it's been awhile since I heard one of your tunes but man this is simply or I should say complicatedly just awesome guitar work! Nice, nice, nice......all the way!


03/24/11 06:01:26PM @tcp:
Wonderful build-up showing the emotion it should rightfully show. Theme variations, tone and playing are skillful, soulful and inspired. Has all the elements that make an instrumental a great one. Kudos Paul! ...Blake
09/12/09 02:14:47PM @buddrumming:
Hey ....awesome pickin on this tune...very nice guitar work...very tasteful...i see you put alot of thought into this....wish I was drumming on this..Take care this tune...great work Thx, Bud
09/12/09 02:28:36PM @dazed:
Hey Paul!

Stellar tune. Love the progression on this piece. Clean guitar tones are awesome and the sustain on the distorted notes are pure class. Excellent tune!

09/13/09 07:04:42PM @wrightdude:
Yeah Paul, been a while, great to hear from ya! Very sweet ballad w/soaring tasty guitars! Great tones and bends! Fine work as usual!


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