Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley

Coming Home

album: In Progress
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 145

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A song for remembrance day and for all those who didn't come home. Originally this music was written for a poem by Ted, my father-in-law, and is about the...
Coming Home
11/14/17 03:22:40PM @jerrywillard:
Hi Paul I love this track! Your guitar work was most excellent. Love the tones, with every note true and clear. I also enjoyed all the different progressions you took through this song. It's a great song for the headphone so you can pick up all the sounds in the background. Well it's always you've done a wonderful job 🎸
Gary Shukoski
07/01/16 04:55:04AM @gary-shukoski:
Great songs you have posted here. I'm digging the feeling on this one in particular. Nice vibe to it!
11/10/13 07:27:27AM @josephrodz:
Great music by a Great guy!


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