Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley

Moroccan Roll

album: In Progress
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 60

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Working title until I can think of something better!
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This is the first new piece of music I've posted for 3 years! I haven't really got a proper title for it yet, so Moroccan Roll is just a working title...
Moroccan Roll
Gary Dabrowski
04/28/20 01:35:39PM @gary-dabrowski:
Excellent!...and the title is perfect...
04/28/20 10:28:49AM @josephrodz:
This song still kikazz.
Wow, keep rocking!

bill b
07/22/12 04:47:25PM @bill-b:
Great peice! Nicely arranged, very 'charming'too
Doctor C
07/21/12 01:36:58PM @doctor-c:
Man, this is EPIC!!! Absolutely smashing piece of rosk. You know I always admired your music but this is something else. The break in the middle is so cool and the shredding towards the end... wow man! I'm speechless. Easily the best instrumental rock number of 2012. BTW, the title Moroccan Roll sounds just fine to me.


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