Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley

The Last Pharaoh

album: Out of the Ashes
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 106

  Song Lyrics
No lyrics, just a little story from ancient Egypt :) The music describes the last journey of a great pharaoh to his final resting place. The procession to...
  Song Information
The story of the music is supposed to described the last journey of a great pharaoh to his final resting place. Starting with the procession to the tomb,...
The Last Pharaoh
03/17/10 10:21:28AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wonderful journey Paul. Beautiful guitar tone, masterful playing! Bravo!!!


06/08/09 08:54:44AM @mark-reed:
This is not a piece of music, this is a work of art. Aint gonna say anything more cracking piece well done
10/06/08 03:03:12PM @gordon-leed:
Paul...this is outstanding...a wonderful piece . As someone who loves to learn of the ancient civilisations of planet earth, any music alluding to such is always a must to listen to. this song opens the doors of the imagination...a vision of the pharoah's journey to the tomb is very clear...A great adventure in music and imagination.- Gordon
FD Project
10/06/08 11:34:58AM @fd-project:
Great my friend...10 of 10 points !!!


09/29/08 03:19:55AM @ab1:
well i'm all set for that eastern mode after reading the reviews.. a lovely atmospheric start and i love that long wammy ascending pitch..
i love these exotic modes with the minor 2nds in the "wrong" places lol.. you really extract the best melodic qualities from the material.. love the windows in the beat.. the breaks that highlight your awesome runs..
it's nice middle part with a very subdued beat and real nice acoustic chordings.. really sounds like phrygian mode paul.. or were you working out on some special egyptian mode?.. lovely shredding to end.. impressive piece with lots of regal grandeur and splendor in the broad scope of it..

09/29/08 03:14:31AM @ab2:
Love the sound of the wind in the intro (blowing the sand across the desert and rustling the tents?) What a powerhouse of sound you`ve created here..Has a wonderful "arabian" flow to it..Guitar is fantastic to say the least and this really does conjour up some quite incredible visions in my mind...You have one gigantic piece of music here Paul...An excellent listen..:-)

Peace n love Mags :-)

Luca Wulf
09/28/08 05:06:57PM @huge-artist:
Only 2 songs of your GREAT range here???!?!?!?
Well this is,awesome.
Simple as that.
It sets the stage right from the get go,and doesn't miss a trick
Being somewhat a lover of all things egyptian,you can well imagine how this fires my imagination.
Sueprb musicanship throughout.
Spellbinding lead work.
That rhythm.....sigh...
perfection,and then...
More lead,only this time blisteringly fast...
Then we hit the break,and that was just sheer magic.
I could have listened to that for easily twice as long,which is always the hallmark of something you are greatly enjoying.
The plunge back into power...........
Speed with taste and control...
Man you should have seen the head cinema rolling Paul,I did you proud.

09/28/08 04:15:23PM @blue-sahara:
Paul, it was a pleasure to listen to this fine song of yours! These deep, lush and powerful sounds you've got goin on here ... fantastic. Your guitar work is extraordinary, to say the least. The title perfectly matches the vibe of this song. Simply wonderful!

09/27/08 12:29:25PM @terry-ponder:
Paul this is fantastic. Great tones and I love that egyptian sound, I love the way you play. and the production is fantastic. this is a gem.



09/26/08 06:20:25AM @dazed:
beautiful! love the eastern influence on this. man this sounds huge! guitar solos are nothing short of spectacular. would love to hear this one in my car and sme serious decibels!
09/23/08 08:27:51PM @mike-kohlgraf:
HUGE sound here with the guitar! Absolutely great! The drums an bass are just very nice. Great mix, great feel on the axe!!! Love the tune!


09/22/08 03:26:47PM @emphyrio:
Awesome intro there. Cool guitar playing.
I can hear the Egyptians in the song. Great synth textures.

Outstanding production work. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Emphyrio :)

09/28/08 02:56:20PM @mark-cloutier:
hey paul--man you been busy today--wow!think i heard this on soundclick but been a while since i listened to your great work--ahh yes those opening riffs--just love the arabic melody--killer work as i admire your choice in phrasings--hot stuff!! can i say anymore--yeah everything blends perfectly--love those whammy cat tail pulls
09/29/08 04:13:12PM @tcp:
Done in the tradition of great progrock Paul, and I'm definitely with you on that. Wonderful arrangement and build. Song is a delight from start to finish. Intelligent writing and delivery that meets and exceeds the lofty goals of the song. Awesome exhilarating piece to say the least....Blake


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