Paul Oakley
Paul Oakley

One More Ride

album: Out of the Ashes
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 111

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The time has finally come to (very) reluctantly sell my bike so I wrote this to ease the pain I've tried to capture the feeling of getting out on the road,...
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The time has finally come to (very) reluctantly sell my bike so I wrote this to ease the pain I've tried to capture the feeling of getting out on the road,...
One More Ride
02/16/09 04:11:32PM @jdk:
One More Ride- Paul it's been along time since I heard your most excellent music. been out-of-state, and also off-shore. Now i'm back in the saddle, and shaking off the cob webs. your chops have really improved a lot. this tune is tight, powerful, and very melodic. love the slide acceleration. superb musicianship on all fronts' rock on, man!


11/07/08 09:16:05AM @mark-cloutier:
you took me for a fast and furious ride on that gorgeous moteesickle!! thanx man!! cheers--mark
Luca Wulf
11/06/08 02:53:57PM @huge-artist:
I don't know why,but I have afeeling style-wise that this is a kind of returning to your roots piece?
Just something about it...
Anyways,yes,it's all here:
The pace,the feel,the atmosphere,and the sheer hanging on for grim death through the tight s-bend
Must also note the bass,fine supporting role to the frantic guitar work.
Excellent work Paul,this is going to be some CD.
Reminded me of Chris Spedding,or Montrose,with that engine slide :)

VERY damned cool mate.


10/28/08 02:42:35PM @tcp:
Superb and SO reminscent of Satch. Killer axe suitable for highway speeds and the twists and turns. Awesome chops Paul, wrapped up in a compelling and protein rich song. ~Blake
10/27/08 08:35:59AM @syngularity:
Absolutely hot track, pure headbanger rock passion and loud'n'proud rock presence, love this. Nice variation from your more atmospheric instrumentals :)

FD Project
10/26/08 05:18:47AM @fd-project:
Hy Paul...what a "last ride"..EXCELLENT WORK...PERFECT !!!


10/25/08 01:25:13PM @bri-an:
aww man...nice intro! has a real "bike flyin down the road" feel..exciting got balls to sell it...something i could never do. lol
Sounded great cranked to the 10's ..somewhat like the bike did i suppose. excellent werk. bikerbri.

10/25/08 08:56:20AM @mark-cloutier:
been meaning to get to this one! paul man--you rock with the best of the best ! congrats on the album--alot of work but by the sounds of it--killer!! great guitar slinging!! love your playing and love the change ups---wah wah wah! mark
10/24/08 03:21:48PM @test4454:
Is that your bike at the start and end Paul? Well, in between is when the song takes off ; )) Especially liked the take off at 1:30... sheesh... and then a calm at sea at around 2:15. Awesome outro! Satriani would take a bow, along with your fellow M3 bros!

Cheers to a killer tune Paul!


10/24/08 11:41:23AM @mike-kissel:
Always a please to hear a new Paul Oakley tune!! It's been too long my friend!
Great road tune tune on this!! I hear a bit of Satch on this one. Very good performance as usual. Nice tone, recorded cleanly. Technique is over the top brother!! Excellent work!
Mike Kissel

10/25/08 02:37:24PM @papi:
Wow! What an energy booster.
Is that you on the guitar or on the bike at 2min. 41.sek accellerating like a speed demon?
I'm guessing guitar but I'm genuinely unserten.
Sounds fab, blew me away.
Grats on a kick **** tune bro.

Papi (Paul)

10/25/08 02:50:13PM @tlt50:
Superb....energetic ROCKER !! Guitar a blazin' down the Hwy. Excellent guitar work,,,,with great production ! The backing tracks are kickin'!
Ride ON !!!!


11/20/08 08:13:06PM @raz:
Are we there yet? This is the kind of tune that makes you not want to get there. Love the energy. You are ripping. All the best, Raz
10/25/08 12:23:21AM @dazed:
Paul this is a fantastic rocker! Man you, Luay and Ked should all get together and rock out a tune. Love the section with the time change. Awesome!! Man this is a sweet tune that is executed with the precision of a laser.

Killer tune my friend!!

10/25/08 06:30:18AM @mark-reed:
Think this is the first time I've heard your work. Remember reading your blog about this, and it got me thinking about a visit to your page. Cause if you produce a track of this caliber just for selling a bike, then what are you capable of when you get really serious. Top class stuff very well done


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