Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Is It Disco Or Is It Rock?

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Is It Disco Or Is It Rock?
Paul rainbird
06/18/21 10:32:43AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks for the listen Gary­čśÄ
Gary Dabrowski
06/18/21 08:49:16AM @gary-dabrowski:
maybe 'Frisco'?...funk/rock...that rythym guitar reminded me of Jimmy Nolan, the guitarist behind the legendary James Brown...very kool toon Paul!
Paul rainbird
06/18/21 07:38:19AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Ron got a roland voice transformer for my birthday had to give it an outing on this
06/18/21 07:08:03AM @ronbowes:
Nice funky vibe Paul. Cool job! ;-)


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