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Paul rainbird

Johnnys Garden (Steve Stills cover)

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Johnnys Garden (Steve Stills cover)
Paul rainbird
05/15/22 04:59:05PM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Gary interesting bit of Rock History I had fun doing the song it's been a favourite of mine for years
Gary Dabrowski
05/15/22 09:23:27AM @gary-dabrowski:
enjoyable listen Paul...also enjoyed reading the explanation/history of the song
Paul rainbird
05/15/22 04:46:09AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Rich much appreciated
05/14/22 01:14:00PM @lodato:
I love this cover Paul! It’s so melodic and smooth. Your raspy whisper is perfect!
Paul rainbird
05/14/22 12:51:30PM @paul-rainbird:
I didn't write that found it on the net interesting back story always loved this song though.
Paul rainbird
05/14/22 12:48:17PM @paul-rainbird:
When I was a teenager, one of my personal anthems was ‘Johnny’s Garden’ from Stephen Stills’ double album Manassas, released in April 1972. Running through the album was the leitmotif of Stills’ unrequited love for Judy Collins. Johnny’s Garden was a real place where Stills could be ‘safe from the city blues’, where ‘it’s green and it’s quiet’ at Brookfield House in Elstead, Surrey, England, owned first by Spencer Tracy, then Peter Sellers, and later Ringo Starr. Stills bought the 350 year old Tudor mansion in 1970 and, as he said, ‘had the most wonderful bursts of creativity there’.

The one constant that withstood the changes in ownership was the gardener, Johnny, who looked after the estate. He was apparently a herbalist who made incredible teas. Stills said he had soul.

It’s also been said that Peter Sellers based the character of Chauncey (the gardener in the Hal Ashby film Being There) on Johnny.


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