Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird


album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Paul rainbird
07/08/22 04:33:56PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Farrell I'm so used to using a bottle neck slide I found it difficult but with perseverance it will get better it's a good tool worth a try
Farrell Jackson
07/08/22 12:13:30PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool, heavy sound Paul. The lead riffing throughout is quite good as is the solo. Your lower register, gritty vocals work well here. On the slide ring, is it the one that you can flip the bar to the back of your finger to get it out of the way? I've always wanted to try one of those.
Paul rainbird
07/06/22 11:55:24AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Guys
I was trying out my latest acquisition on this one a black mountain slide ring you are supposed to be able alternate between normal playing and slide guitar quite difficult cos the slide ring is quite narrow. Thanks for the kind comments

07/06/22 11:16:08AM @jimsae:
Yeah, love Hendrix vibe on this! A very cool track, Paul!
Gary Dabrowski
07/06/22 11:12:04AM @gary-dabrowski:
cool 'bluesy rocker' Paul!...I do detect some 'Jimi' influence on this one
07/06/22 10:36:13AM @ronbowes:
Nice and heavy mate. Interesting theme. I have an afinity for vampire songs. Cool distortion on the vox and great guitarwork as always.


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