Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Pain In The Ass

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Pain In The Ass
Paul rainbird
12/02/22 11:33:40AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Jim and Gary much appreciated
12/02/22 10:13:50AM @jimsae:
Paul, this is a very cool rocker! Love the driving tempo, and the cool slidey guitar bits, flicking from channel to channel. Yeah, a little Alvin Lee influence, but totally you.
Gary Dabrowski
12/01/22 08:04:09PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool rockin' song Paul!
Paul rainbird
12/01/22 05:09:25PM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you I was a massive tya fan Alvin Lee is a hero of mine so to say you hear him in there is the greatest compliment I could hope for Thank you so much
tony cee
12/01/22 02:58:32PM @tony-cee:
great song paul , superb guitar work spot on .....cheers tony cee
12/01/22 01:13:09PM @lodato:
I think Farrell hit the nail on the head w TYA influ. Great hard rocker and mighty largeness.
Farrell Jackson
12/01/22 08:50:32AM @farrell-jackson:
That's some very cool slide work in the opening Paul! I like the way you've panned it left to right and back. The octave vocals sound great. The drums and bass remind me of Ten Years After. In fact, I hear some Alvin Lee influence in your guitar stuff man!


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