Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Crash And Burn

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
streams: 28
creation date: 2023-01-13

Crash And Burn
Paul rainbird
01/20/23 02:45:16AM @paul-rainbird:
Wow! Thanks Jim much appreciated
01/19/23 07:27:13PM @jimsae:
I heard this on Michael Fisher's show last night, and was blown away. Total coolness, great track!
Paul rainbird
01/16/23 11:04:49AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks for the listen Ron
01/14/23 09:01:17PM @ron-dadey:
Cool song Paul... just had a very enjoyable listen!!
Paul rainbird
01/14/23 03:47:35AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Gary !
Gary Dabrowski
01/13/23 02:36:09PM @gary-dabrowski:
nice bluesy rocker here Paul...lotsa tasty guitar, and of course your unique got on down down down on this one!


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