Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Daddy's Little Princess

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
streams: 42
creation date: 2023-12-20

Daddy's Little Princess
Paul rainbird
12/23/23 06:17:45AM @paul-rainbird:
Cheers Ron
12/22/23 06:43:19PM @ron-dadey:
Awesome track Paul!! Very clean recording as well!! Just had a very enjoyable listen Buddy!
Paul rainbird
12/21/23 05:05:31PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Tony
tony cee
12/21/23 02:05:42PM @tony-cee:
great song paul love the guitar work , my type of music , and great bass and drums , superb listen ,....cheers tony cee
Paul rainbird
12/21/23 04:36:52AM @paul-rainbird:
Cheers Gary
Gary Dabrowski
12/20/23 09:23:59PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great Paul...kool song and well played, sung and produced!
Paul rainbird
12/20/23 04:15:26PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Farrell much appreciated
Farrell Jackson
12/20/23 01:20:10PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool mix of Blues and Rock, Paul! I like this lead guitar style that lets the well placed notes breath's very tasty. A great hook in the chorus vocals. Well done!


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