Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Night After Night

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
streams: 30
creation date: 2024-03-05

Night After Night
Paul rainbird
03/09/24 04:51:03PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Rich !
03/09/24 12:58:58PM @lodato:
Hard driver! Love it!!
Paul rainbird
03/06/24 05:01:37AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Rob!
Rob Grant
03/05/24 08:37:59PM @rob-grant:
Great riff!!! Cool approach with the vocals.....definetly a driving song. Great recording. Guitar leads are great!! That bass line and recording pumps the song up all throughout. Love it!!
Paul rainbird
03/05/24 11:23:52AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Guys much appreciated!
Gary Dabrowski
03/05/24 10:24:35AM @gary-dabrowski:
kool toon!...sounds great!...I like!
Farrell Jackson
03/05/24 09:44:25AM @farrell-jackson:
A real rocker Paul! I like the driven rhythm and the hot lead work. The layered vocals work well and complete the sound...great work!


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