Dark Passenger (Album Master)

album: Rayon Vert Second Course
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 32

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I'll add the lyric when I find the folder they are in :o)
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Dark Passenger is the 4th RV song for the upcoming Second Course album. It delves into a darker prog rock style. The lyric is about the process of fighting...
Dark Passenger (Album Master)
Farrell Jackson
11/14/21 12:34:44PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment @sergej77 and @bad-love-junkie !

Farrell for RV

11/14/21 11:35:20AM @bad-love-junkie:
First time hearing your music. Some very interesting and though provoking lyrics :) I'm really digging on that organ the perfect addition to a great rock track! Great bio btw

11/14/21 01:33:57AM @sergej77:
Dark passenger trapped me with the great rhythm and excellent singing.
Impressive guitars playing, performance by all. Bravo guys.

Farrell Jackson
11/12/21 09:48:31AM @farrell-jackson:
We all (RV) thank you for listening and for your cool comments! @waveman, @twank-whelan, @state-of-flow, @frank-northcutt, @jerrywillard.
11/10/21 10:18:41AM @jerrywillard:
This is a great sounding song. It's got teeth and rocks. Love the writing style. Sweet production all around.
Frank Northcutt
11/10/21 06:33:03AM @frank-northcutt:
Great to hear new music from you guys! Great performance and production, from a talented band.
State of Flow
11/09/21 08:43:18PM @state-of-flow:
This is a great sound, fantastic work. Awesome !
Twank Whelan
11/09/21 04:56:30PM @twank-whelan:
Nice job guys. Farrell's vocals and DrC's keys stand out (in a good way, lol). Impressed with Ron's bass and Gary's guitars too. Oh those keys! And great production :)
11/09/21 09:54:56AM @waveman:
you guys were great together. great job and excellent mix on the vocal farrell, man gary is awesome on lead guitar, and again I like the lead trade-offs with synths and keys. cool song gents, mix sounds perfect


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