Distant Eyes (Rayon Vert 2022)

album: Rayon Vert Second Course
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 65
creation date: 2022-03-24

  Song Lyrics
Distant Eyes (1) Distant eyes, what do you see? Are you looking for someone to please? Distant eyes, you search the skies. For things you think you need....
  Song Information
We, Rayon Vert, completely redid an older song of mine from 2006, called Distant Eyes. The song had a lot of potential, but I needed the skills of the RV...
Distant Eyes (Rayon Vert 2022)
Farrell Jackson
05/15/22 07:18:58PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Ricky and Tristyn for the good words! @rogue-fungi, @tristynleach.

Farrell for Rayon Vert

03/27/22 06:29:46AM @tristynleach:
catchy song, great production, has a slight beatles creme feel to it , cool guitar and organ solo love that, enjoyed
Rogue Fungi
03/27/22 05:39:52AM @rogue-fungi:
Always have killer keys on your tracks :) Very cool all round guys :) Peace,Ricky
Farrell Jackson
03/25/22 08:38:58AM @farrell-jackson:
I want to thank Gary Carciello, Rob Grant and DrC for giving my old song a new life. Thanks guys, you're the best!

Farrell Jackson


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