Hell or High Water (Rayon Vert)

album: TBD
genre: Classic Rock
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Hell or High Water (Farrell Jackson © 3-27-22) (V1) I'd cross any line to feel your love.I will do anything I need to do.I would give all I...
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This is the 7th song since RV has re-grouped. We are back to the Classic Rock groove with this one.Credits:Gary Carciello - music idea/arrangement, all...
Hell or High Water (Rayon Vert)
Farrell Jackson
04/12/22 04:56:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Twank! All RV members appreciate you kind words! @twank-whelan
Twank Whelan
04/12/22 04:28:59PM @twank-whelan:
Some fine performances gents, slick production makes turning this up loud a real pleasure :)


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