Fool's Gold (Rayon Vert 2022)

album: TBD
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 48
creation date: 2022-11-27

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Fool’s Gold (Farrell Jackson © 10-14-22)   (V1) He saw her from a distance, she won him over with no resistance. Don’t judge a book by its...
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The latest Rayon Vert song - Fool's Gold. A story about blinded by beauty and followed by deception. Credits:  Doctor C - All keyboards. Farrell Jackson -...
Fool's Gold (Rayon Vert 2022)
Farrell Jackson
12/30/22 10:11:23AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks, gentlemen for the good words on Fool's Gold!
@aira-winterland, @shane

Farrell for Rayon Vert Fool's Gold (Rayon Vert 2022)

12/29/22 10:46:30AM @shane:
Musicianship top grade. once again, loving the lead guitar styles and riffs. Clever story line delivered by Farrell. Doc's keyboard organ sound reminds me of Kansas Steve walsh , Leftoverture.
Aira Winterland
12/02/22 07:47:57AM @aira-winterland:
wowww. Great classic rock. Powerfull voice.
Farrell Jackson
12/01/22 06:28:11PM @farrell-jackson:
The Rayon Vert crew thanks you a bunch fellas!
@gary-dabrowski and @tony-cee

tony cee
12/01/22 03:32:56PM @tony-cee:
superb song farrell great vocals and guitar and keyboard work ......cheers tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
11/27/22 02:32:01PM @gary-dabrowski:
great song...sounds great..I like it muchly!


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