We Feel Love (Rayon Vert 2022)

album: TBD
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 59
creation date: 2022-12-22

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We Feel Love (Farrell Jackson © 12-06-22) (V1) I wake in the morning, to your smiling eyes The bluest of blue, that makes me realize How...
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I Feel Love is the final Rayon Vert song for 2022. We hope you like it! We have completed 16 songs this year so it's time put an album together. That means 4...
We Feel Love (Rayon Vert 2022)
Eric Saitz
01/20/23 09:45:23PM @eric-saitz:
I really like that intro. Sets the mood :) A great classic rock sound. I can hear that you have played together for a long time. My complements to all involved

Bill B
12/31/22 11:20:27AM @bill-b:
Hey Farrell- sounds wonderful - have a fine time bringing New Year!
Farrell Jackson
12/30/22 10:06:54AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks everyone for listening and commenting on our latest song!
@gary-dabrowski, @tony-cee
@carol-sue, @shane
Farrell for Rayon Vert We Feel Love (Rayon Vert 2022)

12/29/22 10:40:00AM @shane:
Hey Farrell, thank you for visiting my song. I'm glad your posted RayonVert link in your comment, I came here and , delighted to find that you guys have been busy bringin on new tracks in 2022. First one i try, We Feel Love,,, and , yeah I love this track. Farrell your vocals sound as good as ever, Kari's guitar work is always wonderful. Nice to hear Doc on keys and synth. Love the bass guitat from Rob. pardon me if i got any facts wrong,,, and finally i have to say, The Lead Guitar features in this are EXQUISITE . makes my day hearing this. and also , Happy new year ,, Bonne anee, . I'll certainly be listening thru Rayon Vert tracks here.
carol sue
12/25/22 12:51:16PM @carol-sue:
I love hearing you all creating music together again.
You're just so dang good at it. Very nicely done, guys!
I hear each of you, your parts, and how you bring them all together so perfectly!
Much enjoyed! ***** Rock on Rayon Vert :)

Merry Christmas!

tony cee
12/23/22 01:57:27PM @tony-cee:
love this farrell great song and love the vocals superb superb backing well worth another listen
Gary Dabrowski
12/23/22 12:11:02PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great yooz guys!


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