Rayon Vert - Siren of the Sea youtube video

user image 2022-08-04
By: Farrell Jackson
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Rayon Vert - Siren of the Sea youtube video

If you get a chance, check out the Siren of the Sea youtube video that Gary did for Rayon Vert. Nice work Gary!

Rayon Vert - Siren Of The Sea

Farrell Jackson
08/05/22 09:12:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Moe for the good comments on RV's video, Siren of the Sea! @moequinn
08/04/22 11:30:46PM @moequinn:
@farrell-jackson glad I was made aware of this video during MixPosure show today ~ a most enjoyable song & video ~ I also love the cover pic for the song ~ would love to use it as my profile pic on FB but, there may be legal issues about that ~ although it would be a good ad for Rayon Vert (I like pics of mermaids) & finally...I read the bio about Rayon Vert ~ did not realize the translation is Green Flash - of which I am familiar with living on a tropical isle surrounded by Pacific Ocean.... Peace, Moe
Farrell Jackson
08/04/22 05:39:26PM @farrell-jackson:
Thank you on behalf of all of the Rayon Vert group! @the-jammiestbitsofjam


08/04/22 05:18:30PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
What a fabulous song and video!!I love the Wishbone Ash type vocals,and great guitar!!
Love the cover pic for song!! Well done Farrell & co,great job!! - April.


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