Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen

Smoke and Mirrors in the Land of Milk and Honey

album: Mubla Wen
genre: experimental acoustic
streams: 63
creation date: 2017-05-02

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an old open acoustic experimental thing which any one who wants to can add to if they feel like is open for a bit of lead direction or keys or??
Smoke and Mirrors in the Land of Milk and Honey
02/16/18 11:46:04AM @jerrywillard:
Pete, this is very cool my friend. Love the drums, and the acoustic guitar sounds great!
I love the meandering vibe, and how you let the song breathe. No clutter solid gold!

05/02/17 08:04:13PM @red-sheppen:
Tricia C:
It's already great with what you have but if see more additions, I say GO for it! 👏👏🎼
I gotta get my recording set up re-set up and do some more - i was hoping someone with more lead guitar skills could add as my leads mostly suck lol
Thanks Tricia

05/02/17 06:41:54PM @red-sheppen:
Fungus-Dace "]
PETER. .yes..filled out with keys and leads it would be wild. Hmmm..
Would be cool - posting a emocion song which i played a touch of guitar on :) in a sec


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