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album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Rock
streams: 103
creation date: 2022-03-13

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Verse 1  Feeling relaxed being as one chasing shadows in the sun I think I made  the right decision pushing past the boundaries defined somehow I took myself...
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Lyric - R.Mancini
03/15/22 05:33:37AM @tristynleach:
great track guys, good to hear a vocal chorus section it works very well with the lead vocals. pretty commercial this one, should appeal to lots of people, enjoyed this a lot,
03/14/22 11:50:24PM @moequinn:
@rogue-fungi ~ David & Ricky I love this song ~ that was one heck of a "review" that @bad-love-junkie did no way I could possibly add to that ~ I loved hearing Ricky's vocals in this I have never heard him sing before & it gave such a high spirited feel to the song. ....& Ricky ~ ""heart attacks"" OMG! more than one ~ I am glad to read & hear that you are getting better day by day.
Oh yes, & I love the art work for the cover of this song
gonna DL this track right enjoy on my next ride about town

Rogue Fungi
03/14/22 10:16:53AM @rogue-fungi:

Thanks,Eric :)

I wrote the lyric before the Heart Attacks. Infact, I think it may have been the same day, if not, it was the day before that it got recorded, David's vocals came after. I'm getting better by the day, Hopefully I'll be back in the studio soon. I can't play guitar just yet as the operation was done via my wrist and it's still a bit tender :) Thanks, dude, always Appreciated. Peace,Ricky

03/13/22 11:26:28PM @bad-love-junkie:
My new favorite. I am assuming that Ricky wrote the lyric. If I am mistaken, I apologize, and this comment is just fucking wrong. Knowing your situation in life at the moment (Ricky) I found this song and the lyric to be introspective and very moving. I love hearing you sing. Dave is fantastic, and I so enjoy his vocal style and delivery and the music that you have created together but after hearing this I'm not sure you always need someone else’s voice to sing your songs. Please note this is not a crit. Just one artist talking to another. I feel like maybe you (Ricky) for whatever reason hide yourself sometimes. I have always felt the emotion in your music, and I think maybe it's time to let your voice sing your words. I love what you both do, and I hope that you continue to create music together, but I would love to hear each of you on your own and to express yourselves as individual artists. That being said Dave you totally captured the reflective vibe and emotion of the lyric and the music. I think this is one of your best vocal deliveries to date. Ricky when I heard you sing it really got to me. I’m not sure if it’s tied to hearing that you are having health issues. But I could feel and hear the emotion in those words when you sang. I’m done rambling. Love the song guys and I think your best to date.
Peace my friends

03/13/22 10:47:28PM @josephrodz:
Love this song because sounds like a hit and you need to put in all the place in the media....thats all!
03/13/22 05:34:24PM @lorne-reid:
Very melodic and regal sounding guys. Cheers.
03/13/22 05:10:21PM @bustert:
Very well produced(all: sound &lyrics) with a lot of energy...


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