Throw That Dog a Bone

album: Outlaw
genre: Blues
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As a blues rock artist by nature it's a bit odd that I don't do many real down to earth blues tracks. About time I did one or two more. This is a bit of fun,...
Throw That Dog a Bone
12/15/20 08:38:09AM @ronbowes:
carol sue:
Yeah!! :)

Uh huh!

carol sue
12/14/20 10:08:21AM @carol-sue:
Yeah!! :)
11/20/20 09:42:13AM @ronbowes:
Thankyou @stig-jones @queen-regina and @farrell-jackson . Glad you all liked my little blues ditty ;-)
Farrell Jackson
11/20/20 08:54:07AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Cuz, throw that dog a bone so he will quit howling at you, lol. Nice and gritty slice of blues. IMHO, a bluesy harp is a must in traditional blues songs and you have that covered well. A little short so I'm on my 2nd play....well done!


Queen Regina
11/19/20 07:49:13AM @queen-regina:
OMG. #QueenReginaPickHit This is hands down, the best blues song in half a century. Totally entertaining & relatable. Lyrically hilarious and painfully truthful. Howling is excellent. I #LoveIt I know you wrote and performed a #HitBluesSong here Ron.
Stig Jones
11/19/20 07:37:30AM @stig-jones:
Terrific blues Ron, your harp playing's fab mate ;)


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