One Wrong Move

album: Outlaw
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 42

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Got a lot of projects stacked up and not getting much time to work on them at the moment. This track was started a while back. Had a small amount of time to...
One Wrong Move
02/21/21 06:42:40AM @ronbowes:
Many thanks for listening and commenting @warrioth-rowley @jimsae @bad-love-junkie and partner in crhyme @carol-sue ;-)
02/16/21 05:02:59PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Ron. Digging that harp :) I know all about having to many projects ;) Glad ya found the time to finish this one

02/16/21 11:00:37AM @jimsae:
Great track, RonBo! And the crowd in chat loved it, too!
carol sue
02/14/21 08:10:49AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> :)
"Right-on" the bullseye!
Bravo-oh-oh! *****

02/13/21 10:49:01AM @ronbowes:
Very kind words Joseph ;-) @josephrodz . Thankyou very much @shifter-sisters ;-) . Thanks cuz @lorne-reid, it's very much appreciated ;-) . Always obliged to ya cuz @farrell-jackson ;-) .Thank you so much @the-gigglefits and @queen-regina , much obliged ;-)
Queen Regina
02/13/21 07:27:05AM @queen-regina:
#Outstanding #ILoveThis Such a rocking, bobbing blues tune. Truth music, lyrically you cannot , "not" listen. Deep lyrics. The way it is in such situations. I've known Johnnie's & Janie's. And the aftermath of "after mad. Great song. But you blow greatness a new hole in the water. Whatever you do.
The Gigglefits
02/12/21 10:56:41PM @the-gigglefits:
Great Track loving this one
Farrell Jackson
02/12/21 04:29:55PM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the story cuz and as always the blues harp flourishes are spot on! Good lead vox and backing vocals and the thump in the bass is bouncing my monitors!


02/12/21 04:29:40PM @lorne-reid:
Nice one Ron!!! But I am biased to all yer tunes!!! Respect!!!
Shifter Sisters
02/12/21 04:22:49PM @shifter-sisters:
cool cool cool..!
02/12/21 04:16:39PM @josephrodz:
This one invite to move all the hall alone. You have an incredible facility to compose lyrics and melodies.


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