Beyond The Gates Of Eden

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genre: classic Rock
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Been fighting my own demons recently. So, why not a battle song? Been working on this one for a while - but the lyrics weren't coming. They eventually came...
Beyond The Gates Of Eden
06/17/21 11:12:49PM @moquinn:
I have heard this song recently on Mix radio ~ but, at this listening....I am focusing on your lyrics (& caption above).....this should be my mantra ~ I love the power this song instills.....bottom line.... I know you have the power & strength of a warrior & in recent months I found I am a Woman Warrior.....we shall win our battles & be victorious....we shall not be I told is no place for wimps...we must be strong to win our battles....did I mention, I love this song ~ it gives me strength....thank you
06/17/21 07:36:23PM @ronbowes:
Queen Regina:
I'm listening again. Wowzwers I love this. My kind of #PowerMessage to the world. #Fabutastic Ronbo. Salute... Toot Toot!

Most kind of you Regina ;-)

Michael Slider
06/16/21 11:10:54AM @slider:
Kick ass Ron !!
06/14/21 05:58:56PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Ron. Great song and a great lyric. I like that it comes from a place of strength! Keep on fighting my friend! Really enjoyed

06/10/21 12:19:41PM @jimsae:
You slayed the demons on this one! I think you have plenty of firepower with this track! This is a very cool track, perfect vibe!
Gary Dabrowski
06/09/21 05:05:07PM @gary-dabrowski:
nice rocker...sounds great Ron!
The Gigglefits
06/09/21 03:11:06PM @the-gigglefits:
Killer track so loving this.
Farrell Jackson
06/09/21 12:58:24PM @farrell-jackson:
Another good one Cuz! Life does present a lot of crappy things that need to be dealt with but as your lyric implies, you have to fight through to the other side. Some fine vox and guitar!
Queen Regina
06/09/21 09:33:16AM @queen-regina:
I'm listening again. Wowzwers I love 💘 this. My kind of #PowerMessage to the world. #Fabutastic Ronbo. Salute... Toot Toot!
Queen Regina
06/09/21 09:30:51AM @queen-regina:
Holy Cows. They're raining. Wow, just wow, Ronbo, you never cease to AMAZE ME. YOU'RE BEST YET! AND THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES. #QUEENREGINAPICKHIT THIS EXCITES ME!


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