Radio's Dead

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genre: Rock and Roll
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Listening to some pap on the radio inspired this little rock and roller
Radio's Dead
09/01/22 09:10:24AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @paul-rainbird and @eric-saitz
Paul rainbird
08/13/22 06:17:37AM @paul-rainbird:
Cool song Ron!
Eric Saitz
08/12/22 07:55:36PM @eric-saitz:
I'm not familiar with the word pap lol :) What i really dig about your music that seems to be missing today is heart/ soul and playing a real instrument. I do listen to new stuff to mine anything of value that I might be able to use in my own music. I agree radio is dead, but it's been dead for decades to my ears anyway.
Really enjoyed

08/11/22 06:58:59AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @gary-dabrowski @farrell-jackson and @bill-b . Glad you liked my little rock and roller.
bill b
08/10/22 12:39:47AM @bill-b:
A well produced song that moves and flows swinging with good recipe of gutsy blues rock and roll tones.
A fun listen

Farrell Jackson
08/09/22 06:42:40PM @farrell-jackson:
What, Radio's Dead? LOL, good lyrics Ronbo and so true. Luckily I have an old radio that only plays RnR. It's always good to hear your rockin' style with a good vocal melody, good backing vocals, good guitar, good harp and real instruments!
Gary Dabrowski
08/09/22 05:14:26PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool 'blues-rocker' Blackwater!


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