Without Your Love (Extended)

album: NA
genre: Rock
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creation date: 2023-01-27

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I am hoping my tiring run of persistent bad luck is coming to an end. Fingers crossed. By way of celebrating, I finished off this song.
Without Your Love (Extended)
02/01/23 08:08:38AM @ronbowes:
Thanks cuz farrell. Much obliged ;-)
Farrell Jackson
01/29/23 10:16:43AM @farrell-jackson:
It's good to hear you are kicking the "Bad Luck" to the curb. The rhythm guitar, bass and drums have a cool drive to them. Good vocals throughout. The backing "ooos bop bop a ooos" work well. The outro guitar solo is a cool way to finish the song out. Well done "Lucky" Cuz Ron!


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