Tell Me What to Do

album: NA
genre: Rock
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creation date: 2023-11-14

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Tell Me What to Do
tony cee
11/19/23 03:24:34PM @tony-cee:
superb tune ron , love that bass great mix superb ......cheers tony cee
11/16/23 03:51:11PM @moequinn:
Wow!!! Yowza!!! I certainly can relate to this song for various reasons....the powers that be must think I am a Bad Ass with all the s--t they throw at me....however, I am up for the far as jerks criticizing or putting you down.....they ain't worth the breath we back to this RAWKIN' song I love it ~ great stereo the Bass & everything about this song blends perfectly ~ thanks, this Woman needs to RAWK!!!!
carol sue
11/16/23 03:19:32AM @carol-sue:
Wish I had written this one! (I can relate) ::sigh::
Tell you what to do? Hmm... dare I, lol! Well, you should continue doing what you love,
and carry-on making great tunes like this one. Be HEALTHY & HAPPY and stay the kind soul
that we have all come to know & love. ;) Bravissimo! *****

Farrell Jackson
11/15/23 09:10:36AM @farrell-jackson:
The deep bass catches my ear right off and that is cool. Another good rocker. Super guitar work on the outro. So, move over Mick and Keith and let Ron Bowes take over !


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