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Thanks for Your Help

By selftort, 2008-02-19
Thanks for Your Help

Thanks for all of the kind suggestions regarding the problem I had last week with my 8 track. The pin in the little hole worked to remove the existing CD but unfortunately I think I should have come in hear earlier as it looks like my own abortive efforts ruined the drive. I've dropped the recorder over to a friend in the hope that he can retrieve my demo of "That's It I've Had Enough". Sorry I missed the cut off date. Couldn't make the radio show either but I'm slowly catching up on the entries in the listening room.

While I'm waiting to get that track back, thought I'd post another track from the acoustic session I did last December. A lot of mixposure people will have heard the original version of "Mid Life Crisis" from my CD "N.I.C" which I had posted at mix. I've tried to convert it into an acoustic version. Without the bass, drums and keyboard, and without a guitar solo, it probably needs a middle 8, so I'll try working on that.

Apologies for any glitches in the performance. It was a "one take" and it's not a song that I normally do live in acoustic sets. Hopefully a bit of fun, particularly for those in my "age demographic".

Cheers and thanks again for all the earlier suggestions.


Help Needed

By selftort, 2008-02-13

I am hoping someone might have a bright idea. I have been working on a song for the Same Title Madness promotion.

I have recorded the basic backing track onto my zoom 8 track and was planning to add vocals and guitar. I am still tinkering with the lyrics and decided to burn a CD of the backing track on the internal CD drive in the Zoom so I could play it back repeatedly and work on the lyrics. I've been having trouble with the CD playing of late, but it had always burnt okay. Yesterday I couldn't get it to open the CD door to remove the existing CD in there and to be blunt about it I think in my anger and frustration I may have stuffed the whole CD drive up.

I am wondering if anyone has any bright ideas as to how to get the recording off the Zoom in a form that will enable me to burn it into CD form. My computer recording system is pretty primitive. I use an early version of Cakewalk Home Studio that I use to program my drum and bass tracks.

I thought about setting up a new cakewalk audio file and playing the track on the Zoom with the output from the Zoom into the input of the audio interface for the computer. The Zoom has RCA outputs and I had an RCA to a 1/4" jack lead that I used to try that but it didn't seem to work.

If anyone's got any bright ideas I'd be grateful.