Just Jane

album: Dreaming in Stereo
genre: Alternative
streams: 23

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Just Jane    -----    (not a new version -  just a repost of this number because i like it)   ----- credits: Shane: lyrics, vocals, song concept, Guitar...
Just Jane
Farrell Jackson
08/09/22 06:50:29PM @farrell-jackson:
As always Shane your vocals steal the show and rightfully so, but you also are doing some very smooth and tasty guitar licks in this one. Good stuff!
bill b
08/05/22 06:06:11PM @bill-b:
Very nice and very tasty. Very well done.There for sure . Is that the right plant in the photo? ...oh sorry Im in Canada.
Gary Dabrowski
08/05/22 04:59:27PM @gary-dabrowski:
an enjoyable listen...I like it!


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