Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Listen To Your Heart

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 155
creation date: 2022-07-30

Listen To Your Heart
Gary Dabrowski
08/03/22 12:10:08PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great yooz guys!
08/02/22 11:20:31AM @winters-resurrection:
We are very humbled by all the kind comments folks and are glad you like the song, thank you so much!
08/02/22 10:36:55AM @jimsae:
Another fine piece of songwriting and performing here, gentlemen. We played this on the show last night, and everyone loved it.
Farrell Jackson
07/31/22 08:41:56PM @farrell-jackson:
I love the bass sound and playing, it really fills out the bottom without being overbearing, A great guitar tone and the singer rocks the song without any strain on his vocal chords...not an easy feat! Well done everyone!
07/31/22 06:43:14AM @shane:
can i post a second comment ? ,,, wanted mention the overall guitar sound - your rythm guitars and the chords you use. What LOVELY tone , with a pleasing amount of grind. your guitar parts sound as what comes genuine through a Marshall stack or a pro-rig of Mesa Boogie amps. secons comment also, i mentioned the value of Roger's keyboard style being subtle - but - don't take me too serious there because i love the glorious sound of synths and keys mixed with heavy guitar. You guys could open for DreamTheatre and the like . Love your music.
07/31/22 06:35:14AM @shane:
Really GREAT. the dynamics of the instrumental here are the first home run hit , then comes Phillip's magnificent vocal. great voice. the lyrics come from a heart of righteousness- or at least the love of God and righteousness. that's of high value. The next thing the sound makes me comment on is Roger's Bass guitar. same as with all Winter's Resurrection tracks, your Bass guitar cuts through with a great character- reminds me often of the sound of Queensryche. Also Roger on keyboards, very tastefully done and subtle - keeping a mainly GUITAR BAND kind of attack. Then, and not least - is the unbelievable guitar lead features by M Will !! seriously love your work guys. A want to mention the demo track you sent me a copy of ,,, 'The Ancient Ones' . I flare up on that one even more than ' Listen to your Heart. ' Brothers, my words here aren't meant as sloshy compliments ,,, just a straight forward impulse reaction that your music causes me.


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