Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Come To Me

album: Sleeping While The River Runs - Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 64
creation date: 2017-03-05

  Song Lyrics
Come To Me (S. Bramer) Early in the morning I've got one thing on my mind Early in the morning I've got one thing on my mind In the wee wee hours baby, we...
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Written By Steve Bramer Artist: Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon Lead Vocal: Gerald McClendon Guitars: Steve Bramer Bass: Gordon Patriarca Drums: Jim...
Come To Me
06/21/17 04:08:28PM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Mo.
04/17/17 11:00:03PM @moequinn:
Loving this ~ simple as that ~
thanks for sharing

04/04/17 08:28:05AM @steve-bramer:
Love Albert Collins! I used to watch him do that thousand foot guitar cable thing snaking down the front stairs into this basement bar in East Lansing Mi. It was called Lizard's. And then Rick's for the Bogart character (in Maltese Falcon I think). I did posters for that bar too. I didn't actually have that in mind when I did this. But hey, the inluences are gonna come out.
03/27/17 06:36:31PM @red-sheppen:
Nice blues - thanks for sharing. I am a bit like his in the morning early :)
It has a real Albert Collins feel to the track which i LOVE.
Leads and vox are really pro and cool.
Had my feet tappin away to fave style blues
Top recording from all
Thanks for sharing with us.


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