Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Thin Line

album: Sleeping While The River Runs - Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 56
creation date: 2017-04-03

  Song Lyrics
Thin Line (Steve Bramer) When you toy with affections You walk a thin line When you toy with affections You walk a thin line When faith and forgiveness Turn...
  Song Information
Written By Steve Bramer Artist: Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon Vocals: Gerald McClendon Guitar: Steve Bramer Bass: Gordon Patriarca Drums: Jim Barclay...
Thin Line
04/05/17 11:13:41AM @steve-bramer:
Thank you guys.
04/05/17 12:18:05AM @tlt50:
This is such a awesome track. Musicianship is brilliant , beautifully produced as well. Timeless music IMO. Steve congrats on the A.O.T.M.

Larry T

04/04/17 01:23:29PM @steve-bramer:
Wow! Artist of the month? When did that happen? I had no idea - this is the first I'm hearing about it. Assuming it's not the result of some drunken after party in one of the DJ's chat rooms I'd consider it to be a huge honor! With or without though - I love the Mix and the supporting atmosphere here. There's so much talent and good will. I would never have known about it if not for Toni the Bareoot Baroness.
04/04/17 10:35:21AM @kitmann:
Steve congrats brother for being artist of the month, so well deserved. I love the blues and this song just brings it home for me. This is such a beautiful song and your guitar playing is so perfect. The vocals by Gerald are the kind I wish I had. Congrats brother a fantastic song that will shine for a very long time,
04/04/17 08:19:44AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks you guys. Means a lot. I usually have pretty specific sounds in mind when I write and this was one of the few times when I managed to get it on tape pretty much exactly as I heard it. The instruments were all live in the studio (except the keyboard). I showed Gerald the vocal lines I had in mind because I thought the harmony was key. Often, with old school R&B vocalists (my favorite singers) there's a trade off where the original melody can be lost (think Aretha singing Bridge Over Troubled Water). I love those results too. But sometimes a songwriter just wants to hear the song. I think of this one as a high water mark.
04/03/17 08:42:09PM @leonstevebey58:
Now THAT'S what I call kickass blues and music! Keep 'em comin'!
Farrell Jackson
04/03/17 11:13:21AM @farrell-jackson:
A very good blues with a real pro sound! Tasty guitar and excellent vocals.



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