Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Leaves Tremble On The Tree

album: Sleeping While The River Runs - Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 38
creation date: 2017-04-15

  Song Lyrics
Leaves Tremble On The Trees (Steve Bramer) I woke up at the counter of a dunk and dine I was wearing clothes I didn't know were mine My hands and knees were...
  Song Information
Written By Steve Bramer Artist: Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon Vocals: Gerald McClendon Harps: Hurtin Burt Guitar: Steve Bramer Bass: Gordon Patriarca...
Leaves Tremble On The Tree
04/16/17 03:41:46AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks guys. For the kind words and just for dropping by.
04/15/17 06:50:21PM @lodato:
I love this bluesy tune. I'm especially fond of the lyric as I can relate. A bad time for me but you've turned it to fat grin.
Farrell Jackson
04/15/17 03:55:12PM @farrell-jackson:
A real foot stompin' tune Steve! It all works for me.


04/15/17 06:03:27AM @steve-bramer:
It's 5AM here and I've been up all night. That's why I ask! I know you are Stones fan. I grew up loving that stuff. Working on a JJFlash like tune right now. I think it gives the nod without being a rip. I actually need lyrics though. Bunch going in the trash right now. Gonna get back to it. Thanks again.
04/15/17 06:00:40AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Ron. I appreciate it as always. Are you in the UK?
04/15/17 05:53:58AM @ronbowes:
Damn fine track Steve. Love it.


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