Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Pass You By

album: Sleeping While The River Runs - Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 76
creation date: 2017-04-23

  Song Lyrics
Pass You By (S. Bramer) Someone's been stealing, all of your time Right before my eyes, I'm watching dollars turn to dimes Don't worry baby, take it slow In...
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Written By Steve Bramer Artist: Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon Vocals: Gerald McClendon Guitar: Steve Bramer Bass: Gordon Patriarca Drums: Gikas...
Pass You By
06/04/17 08:54:42PM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Ron.
06/04/17 09:09:18AM @ronbowes:
Top drawer stuff ,Steve.
05/18/17 01:47:20AM @steve-bramer:
Hi Mo. Did you get my message with suggestions on how to acquire the file?
05/15/17 03:35:05AM @moequinn:
@Steve Bramer ~ thanks for background on this song ~ none the less a mighty fine collab I am loving the soulfulness ~ this song reaches me right down to my soul ~ still having downloading issues, will try a different link cuz I just have to have this song
05/04/17 04:58:08AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks for the kind words. That's not my voice. That's Gerald McClendon. He's one of my very favorite vocalists to work with. He owns every song he sings.
05/03/17 06:17:28PM @moequinn:
Steve ~ this is AWESOME ~ I love it ~ loving the lyrics & so much power in this song, in the soulfulness of your voice ~ thank you for sharing
04/29/17 11:33:53PM @steve-bramer:
thanks tt
04/29/17 12:25:35AM @tlt50:
Heart..soul and awesomeness. Brilliant tune in all accounts. ***** Bravo
04/24/17 01:29:30PM @steve-bramer:
Thanks guys. The vocalist is Gersald McClendon. He's known as the Soul Keeper.
04/24/17 05:15:32AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Gary. Appreciate your comments.
Gary Shukoski
04/24/17 01:09:39AM @gary-shukoski:
Awesome soulful vocals and beautiful bluesy arrangement of guitars, organs, back up singing, etc. Very cool!


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