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Tedd-Z - Brainplant

Albums now on Mixposure

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2018-04-10
Albums now on Mixposure

And now for some good news.

The two albums I've produced that have previously only been available on my Bandcamp are now for sale on Mixposure.

The first one is a compilation of all the tracks I released under the Tedd-Z project from 2011 to 2015, plus a Brainplant remix.

The second one is an extended version of the Steampunk EP which I released under the Brainplant project.

Feel free to listen, share and possibly send money my way.

Tedd-Z - Keep To Your Left: The Collection (2011-2015): https://www.mixposure.com/tedd-z-brainplant/audio/albums/keep-to-your-left-the-collection-2011-2015

Brainplant - Steampunk (Extended Version): https://www.mixposure.com/tedd-z-brainplant/audio/albums/steampunk-extended-version

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Bad news about the podcast

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2018-04-04
Bad news about the podcast

Due to both unforseen circumstances (which will remain private) and other commitments, the podcast with Quickhakker will no longer be running on a consistent basis. More episodes may appear in the future, but not any time soon.

The most recent recording will not go out, as too much time has passed and a lot of the things we talked about will be badly out of date. However, I will add the album review to the next recording (whenever that will be), and I may save some bits for an extras episode.

The Patreon pledge for album reviews has also been removed. I may put it back in the future, but I won't make any guarantees.

Apologies to those who have been listening and waiting but, as of now, neither Quickhakker or I can dedicate the time to it.

Thanks for your continued support.

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I am now on Patreon

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2017-08-21
I am now on Patreon

Good news!!!


I am now officially on Patreon. If you want to suuport my work without buying my music, now you can. Just click the link below and pay as little as a dollar. Paying more will earn you rewards, such as early access to music releases and podcast bonuses.


Any pledge will be greatly appreciated.


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New Podcast

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2017-05-16

Big news!!!

I, alongside my good buddy Quickhakker, have started a new fortnightly podcast where we talk music, gaming and other stuff, finishing with an album review.

You can hear the pilot episode in the link below (I'll put it on Mixposure asap), and the first official episode will, hopefully, be up by Saturday.


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Steampunk album

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2016-02-02

Hi, all.

Those who have been tuning in to Aardvark Express and Doug Dickens Showcase of Independant Artists on Mixstream Radio will know that I have a new Brainplant album out by the name of Steampunk. I held contests on both shows to win codes for free downloads of the album. Well done to the winners, who were True Vulgarians, Maureen Quinn, Lyrical Princess, Yvonne Jay, Carmella and Toni.

For those who missed it, you can buy the full album at my Bandcamp page (just click the link) for just £7 ($10).


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Something special...

By TeddZ Brainplant, 2016-02-01

Hi, all

Anyone who is planning to listen to Aardvark Express on Mixsteam Radio (8pm EST), I have something special planned for the chatroom. Join me tonight to find out what it is. :)


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