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Easy Way Out

album: Elsewhere Live!
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
Easy Way Out by William W. Thompson, IV Verse 1 Old man in Cleveland lost his will to live last night. The sugar took one leg and damn near all his...
Easy Way Out
Ariels Attic
12/31/16 12:57:39AM @ariels-attic:

I grew up in Cleve/NE Ohio.. This song screams NE Ohio to me in spirit... Thank you! And curse you for that!! :)

09/23/16 09:46:53PM @mach:

I've heard this several times in chat. A huge well done on a great tune.

Ariels Attic
11/27/15 10:37:37PM @ariels-attic:
Love this track.. It smells, and tastes like North Eastern Ohio to me..
04/06/13 01:00:58AM @gene-smith:
Just freaking WOW! This tune is so emotional and the lyric tells it all. This is getting played tomorrow on Saturday Night Rocks. It is a sad tune but music isn't always about happy, it's about raw emotion and getting that message out whether it is happiness or pain, and this tune is dripping with it!

Love this.

04/07/13 01:06:03PM @monkeywrangler:
Excellent tune! Makes me think the easy way out can sometimes be the hardest way to go. Sad.
Lyrical Princess
05/25/13 04:09:52AM @lyrical-princess:
Sad lyrics ,that hold so much truth. Even worse that people can't read the signs.. See in others, how their moods might change, or they distance themselves from reality because things have gotten so hard to bare. Take a few minutes to make someone feel worthy or what not.. Give them hope, so they don't feel the need to take that "Not so easy way out". Very well written song. A message right to the point.. Enjoyed my listen.. Thank you for posting "Easy Way Out".. I Like your work ! :)

All The Best,

06/16/13 08:58:09PM @digger-stone:
Man can i relate to this.... you have a wonderful voice, the back ups on the vocals are stunning as well. great guitar sound, has a real live feel to it and that's what i love about it.

Great song, very well done guys...

5out of 5 from me.


Farrell Jackson
04/08/13 12:11:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Very powerful music and lyric......some of the best songs tell the tale of life's struggles without any sugar is the case here. Your message is realistic and hits home....for there is no easy way out.

Well done with the music, vocals, and story.


04/06/13 08:32:28PM @david-c-deal:
Intense and beautiful music in the best singer songwriter tradition.
04/14/13 11:36:30AM @scotswolfe:
Raw emotion in this song.Takes real talent to be able to sing with such feeling and be able to transfer that feeling to the listener, and you've done that.All I can add is WOW!!!!.


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