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Broken Bed

album: McMurtry Cover
genre: Acoustic
streams: 104

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Our first cover tune written by one of our most influential artists, James McMurtry. Our licensing permits interactive streaming but not permanent digital...
Broken Bed
Brett Service
12/13/13 03:12:09PM @brett-service:
Never heard the original, but I must say you folks really make this song shine with your really well done version of this song. Such a nice air to the recording, and the vocals and instruments are just so well played and well placed in the mix. peace, Brett
Farrell Jackson
07/21/13 08:33:47PM @farrell-jackson:
I don't know the artist or the song but I do know good music and performances when I hear them and this one is a goodun'. The acoustic sounds a real as can be which means you've captured it right. Good vocals as well.
Nice work Bill and Jacki!


07/21/13 10:29:56AM @mach:
I'm not familiar with the original but I'm liking this. Soothing way to down my second cup of Joe this morning.
The acoustic sounds really good and the vox sit well in the mix with just the right amount of reverb. Good Job!


Lyrical Princess
07/23/13 07:24:30PM @lyrical-princess:
Beautifully Performed cover.. as always, Both your vocals & the backup vocals sound wonderful.. Music & everything.. Wonderful!! Really enjoyed my listen ~

All The Best,


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