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The Man Inside of Me

album: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
The Man Inside of Me verse one I'm not one for pullin' punches, Can only go by what I see. And I'm not one for playin' hunches, You never know where that...
  Song Information
Music and Lyrics by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar.  Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.  Produced and arranged by Bill Thompson. 
The Man Inside of Me
01/01/18 03:20:20PM @ms-p:
Like it so much I had to comment that I'm placing this on my Playlist..Lovely...
01/01/18 03:19:18PM @ms-p:
TV....I had to check this one out. Again thanks for the time you took with us last night. Very nice indeed.
Now for the review. Love this mix. Great Vocals, muzik, and lyrics..Love your style....
Found the woman in me though....teehee...

Ms. P

Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 04:30:46AM @gary-shukoski:
Yes, you do write "one hell of a verse"!
Alison Reynolds
04/22/15 10:00:09AM @alison-reynolds:
Really like this song. . .a good lesson in life! Find I really identify with your lyrics.
04/14/14 09:08:00PM @scotswolfe:
Excellent work again Bill and Jackie.Stands up to several listens...each new song you release has me thinking, how will you all top this one...yet you always manage to do so. Bravo my friends.
04/08/14 03:13:01AM @kitmann:
Bill you and Jacki did it again. Wow!!!! I found my own self in so much with in the song. They lyrics I related to like it was just yesterday. The sining of you and Jacki really brought out all the emotions of the song to the listener, touching them in ways they have maybe long forgot. Wonderful, wonderful song :)

Lyrical Princess
04/06/14 10:57:38PM @lyrical-princess:
Wow... I really like those lyrics. And TRY to keep this under your hat.. I can relate! I love your sound Bill. And Jacki does a wonderful job on backup vocals. Always happy to hear new music from the two of you.


Barefoot Music
04/06/14 06:59:08PM @barefoot-music-group:
Thank you once again TV for the free download, this track yet another asset to my music collection. Your harmonies with these lyric's give a tug at what's vulnerable in all of us that hits right at home. Fabulous tune TV!!
04/06/14 06:07:33PM @tlt50:
"Brilliant...songwriting and musicianship.... Bill and Jackie....remarkable vocals/harmonies...*****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
04/06/14 12:09:46PM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent song Bill and Jacki! The chord progression is unusual and that is what makes it so fantastic......but your words and singing are the real stars here! A new fav from your repertoire for me.



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