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All Lives Matter - Super Collaboration

album: Collaboration
genre: Rock
streams: 123

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All Lives Matter                             by Bobby G. Moore/Bill Thompson Verse one Took a man down in Baltimore town Another man dies in Minneapolis...
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Attention All Mixposure Artists!  HELP WANTED ALL LIVES MATTER COLLABORATION Bobby Moore (OCR Boys), Joseph Rodriguez (The Metal Master) and Bill...
All Lives Matter - Super Collaboration
12/13/16 12:50:21PM @dirtzilla:

This is a great track well produced and super vocals.

Leslee Allan Songs
10/19/16 06:15:18PM @lesleeallansongs:

Another cracker,mate !

08/10/16 09:30:45AM @the-truevulgarians:
Nice job Farrell! Thanks to all of the artists who have already submitted their tracks for the project. The rest of you now have less than three weeks to make your submissions to insure your inclusion in this project. All tracks matter, too! LOL
Farrell Jackson
08/09/16 11:30:52PM @farrell-jackson:
Ok I got my tracks finished and sent off to Joseph....I'm so glad I'm not the last one to hold things it gonna be you? Lol.

"Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now" (Youngbloods)

Farrell Jackson
08/07/16 02:47:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Ok, as per Bobby's request, I have my acoustic guitar parts all worked out. As per Joseph's request, I'll see if I can fit some harmonica in the intro. Once I get it all smoothed out I'll record them this coming week and then they are to Joseph.


08/06/16 12:06:40PM @the-truevulgarians:
If anyone has any questions, please ask them here and we'll try to provide a prompt answer. We're getting a terrifc response and the excitement for the project is building. Remember, our cut-off date for submission of tracks is August 30th, so don't delay. Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest which include the following people at this writing:
Bilbozo, Yvonne Jay, Piyali, Rusty James, Gordon Cole, Farrell Jackson, David C. Deal, Jimmie Dean Brooks and TLT50, with a definite maybe from Gene Smith... lol

08/05/16 09:48:51PM @the-truevulgarians:
I noticed that the song info is kind of cut off on the right hand side. If you simply highlight the entire message and paste it on a new document you can read it in it's entirety. Same with the Dropbox link. Though it appears cut off, when you copy and paste it to your browser, it'll get you there!
08/05/16 09:22:37PM @tlt50:
~All Lives Matter~ Brilliant project...:) (Y)


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