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Number Three

album: TBD
genre: Halloween 2019
streams: 39
creation date: 2019-10-22

  Song Lyrics
“Number Three”  by William Thompson (lyrics for Mixposure) Verse one Escaped the Lima State asylum, where he’d been since he was 17. Had killed his mother,...
  Song Information
Our 2019 Halloween Song Challenge submission... Words & Music by William Thompson who sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar Back-up vocals by Jacki...
Number Three
10/26/19 05:04:10AM @freudian-slip:
Very nice song and great character in the lead vox, backing vox are spot on also. Beautifully stripped down music allowing the words and vocals to shine through. I like this a lot
tony cee
10/25/19 01:56:07PM @tony-cee:
superb voice bill , and also backing vocals by jacki great lyrics , loved it worth another listen .....cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
10/23/19 09:19:34AM @farrell-jackson:
A good Halloween 2019 addition Bill.....a little gory but you and your sister sure sang it well !


carol sue
10/23/19 07:09:39AM @carol-sue:
Congratulations to you and your sis on another fine tune!
Such a great story teller you are. Never imagined you to
be a monster however! lol *****

10/22/19 04:13:46PM @ron-dadey:
This about my evil twin Bill? LOL... Fun track from you two!!


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