The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Catching Crumbs

album: TBD
genre: acoustic folk-rock
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Catching Crumbs      by William Thompson (The TrueVulgarians) 2/20                                                                          Intro Verse one...
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Catching Crumbs                     words, music and performance by Bill Thompson, The TrueVulgarians Kind of a modern day protest song which speaks to the...
Catching Crumbs
04/02/20 03:00:18AM @freudian-slip:
Great song. Songwriting on another level for me. Vocals are excellent and a well put together mix full of clarity and not overdone. Reminds me of early Cat Stevens quality songwriting. Simplicity is sometimes just the best ever.
Eric Saitz
03/07/20 02:08:15PM @eric-saitz:
Fabulous songwriting. My Grandfather was a working man as was my father as am I. A great tribute to the men and woman doing it everyday! Really enjoyed :)

02/22/20 08:59:47PM @moquinn:
no, this didn't make me all teary eyed ~ but, you did get my undivided is sad I imagine many people live such a sad life ~ thankfully I am blessed with a good life, with caring friends & loved ones...I have many blessings, one of which is MixPosure & the good music & friends it has given to me ~ another great song from TV ~ thanks for all you share
02/20/20 03:16:52PM @jimsae:
Very well done, Bill. You cut right to the heart of the matter.
Farrell Jackson
02/20/20 10:20:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent songwriting and performances Bill! The lyric is very thoughtful and poignant. The acoustic tone sounds wonderful.


Gary Dabrowski
02/19/20 09:07:37PM @gary-dabrowski:
a philosophical song...nicely done Bill...
carol sue
02/19/20 08:57:04PM @carol-sue:
Well.. you went and did it.. this made me all teary eyed.
You do know, or should.. that that is a big compliment.
Very touching and well-performed! *****


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