The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Easy Way Out, (orchestrated) in collab with Scotswolfe

album: Collaboration
genre: MRA2013
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WINNER OF THE MIXPOSURE ROCK SONG AWARD FOR 2013!   written and arranged by William Thompson orchestration provided by Scotswolfe   William Thompson, guitar...
Easy Way Out, (orchestrated) in collab with Scotswolfe
09/11/18 07:40:02PM @ronbowes:
Always loved this one Bill. Top drawer
09/10/18 10:49:22AM @piyali:
Thoughtful, profound and beautiful song with excellent vocals and it is one of my favorite song of all your great songs, all of which I truly love! All my love to you and your sister with deep respect!
05/24/18 10:59:46PM @lorne-reid:
Powerful and beautiful . Thank you.
04/13/17 08:49:56PM @steve-bramer:
Very thoughtul, haunting and effective song. I think songs like this help justiy the obsession musicians tend to have with what they do.
Farrell Jackson
02/26/15 10:23:55AM @farrell-jackson:
I thought I had surely (don't call me Shirley, lol) commented on this song Bill because I have listened to it many times but maybe not with the orchestration by Scotswolfe? The lyric is something that makes one sit back and think about the content. The orchestration adds the icing to a cake that was already very tasty. Sad but truthful feelings produced in this song Truevulgarians...I like when a song does that to the listener....powerful!
03/24/14 02:18:11PM @ron-kauffman:
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who writes this kind of song. Some stories in life just beg to be told. This is one of those stories I'm sure drove you guys crazy until you got it out! I know, they do the same to me. Extremely well done, great story telling. The lyric is what drew me in and the melody kept me in. Bravo and then some.
Brett Service
12/14/13 04:52:20PM @brett-service:
Powerful lyrical content, presented with a perfect dynamic. Great collab guys. peace, Brett
12/08/13 04:48:33AM @kitmann:
TV, brother with the job I chose to do, Military Police, Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff, EMT; I have lived every part of this song in one way or another. I can't explain it in text just how this song makes me feel, but one thing I'm sure off...This song just what I need when at times, when the bad dreams come if I made the right choice. And I know I did, this song supports my reasons to do what I did so, When someone at the worst moment of their life, then could look up and see me and know they were safe. I love this song my friend. You and SW need some more of this brother.
be safe my friend

09/02/13 10:36:20AM @mach:
A sad story and great lyric. Emotional setting with a bit of haunting sound. The orchestration really adds to the feel. Nice Job guys!



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