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Short-term Fantasy by The TrueVulgarians

user image 2015-01-24
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
Short-term Fantasy by The TrueVulgarians

Pleased to announce the release of our latest song, "Short-term Fantasy", a real life story about two people meeting in a bar from our album, "A Reason to Walk in the Rain".  Hope all of you enjoy it.  Music, lyrics, performance and production by Bill Thompson  Check it out on our artist page. 

01/26/15 12:13:34AM @kitmann:
Bill you really out did yourself on this song brother. I could place myself in that bar. It is incredible how you are able with your lyrics and music to bring the listener into the song. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/24/15 09:20:53PM @tlt50:
Brilliant.....lyrical journey. Amazing songwriting.... with the vocals and musicianship ...that combine for an incredible listen,,,, *****


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