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Scotswolfe - Jim McMurtrey

user image 2016-06-01
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: Get Well Our Friend!

Just wanted to let you know that our good friend Scotswolfe, otherwise known as Scotswolfe, an incredible musician and wonderful man, is battling extreme illness and has been hospitalized for the past several weeks.  Many have inquired about sending him various forms of get well greetings.  Both "The TrueVulgarians" and "ErnE" are accepting private messages here on Mixposure at our artist pages from those who wish to send Jim cards or letters of encouragement as he continues his fight for recovery.  We have been authorized to provide you with his home address and will be happy to accommodate you.  Consistent with the family's wishes we didn't want to just put out Jim's personal contact information for public consumption and bellieve this is the best way to make it available.  Get Well Scotswolfe and may you have many, many more wonderful compositions in your days to come!


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06/04/16 11:01:33AM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
Prayers are with you Jim my friend
06/01/16 10:43:44PM @moquinn:
Thanks Bill, I will be in touch with you about this ~ in the meantime ScotsWolfe/Jim is in my good thoughts & prayers


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