Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Lost in a Dream

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 143
creation date: 2019-11-16

  Song Lyrics
LOST IN A DREAM(Robert Wagenbrenner) Verse #1Searching for answers, I cannot explainIs this for real, or just make believeCan’t make up my mind on which way...
  Song Information
Phillip Nissen - Vocals Robert Wagenbrenner - Percussion, Synths, Guitar, Whispers Michael Will - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Whispers
Lost in a Dream
10/17/20 05:35:44PM @winters-resurrection:
carol sue
11/18/19 08:26:24AM @carol-sue:
11/17/19 06:30:38PM @sergej77:
beautiful song...vocals are really good and guitars are perfect..!
11/17/19 03:45:24AM @freudian-slip:
Great song. This is my genre. Vocals are superb quality and guitars are excellent. Lead guitar towards the end is superbly composed, played and great tone. Slight "prog" feel with the time change and in fact I wish it was a little bit longer. Great job. Ian


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