Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Onward and Upward!

user image 2019-05-14
By: MichaelW
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With Phillip firmly in and doing a great job (5 songs with vocals recorded so far!), we are sifting through tunes to see if there are any with lyrics we want to keep and let Phillip put his stamp on. We are also encouraging him to bring us any lyrics and/or song ideas and see if we can marry those lyrics to previously written music or to see if new songs are generated.

Outlaw came by and dropped his bassline into Black Widow Lover in one take, no overdubs... what a pro! It is the second time he has dropped by and it was a blast as always. Looking forward to the reawakening friendship this opportunity presents.

God bless you all!

~Michael, Winter's Resurrection


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