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@Digger, 04/29/20 12:45:53AM
You might be my biggest fan if you want to know the truth. Thank you Carol Sue... Thank you for keeping me alive on this website. Without this place, I'm just be another old man whose ideals of music and art would just Fall by the wayside. I tried to login the other day but, it said I was no longer a part of the website. In about 4 months ago I tried to upload a video and I was told that I couldn't. I understand the last part I have to pay. Carol, you know what I went through with my ex-wife I never hit that from anyone. That's 7 years now. Not really sure why but everything from me works on 7th ain't that crazy?! Well, I'm in year 7 since my split with my ex-wife. and everything seems to be falling into place. I'm older now 55. I'm stronger now, especially mentally. I just started a brand new job. And all my child support is caught up and paid off. And, I am ready for a brand new start.. I'm working on putting together a daw.. it's going to be a little while. But girl when you hear the songs that I've been writing, even you'll say it was worth it. Are you on Facebook? If you are I want to send you a video of a completely roll copy of the first song that I'm going to release. For your ears only. You always supported me you deserve this. I think I'm going to blow your mind away. It's beautiful in my opinion. Send me a private note with an email address. And I'll send you a link. Pure love, an admiration for you, your husband and your family....
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@hooyoosay, 04/22/20 04:22:58PM
Thanks for following and for the nice comment!
And congrats with being artist of the month! Quite well-deserved, listening to so many people's tunes, and having such an impressive collection of works yourself.
Wishing you all the best.
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@shawn.williams, 10/05/19 01:13:12AM
Please listen to my new song; Mrs. Mojo.
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@Moscato, 06/16/19 09:30:54AM
Thanks for your comment on our song, very Appreciated, Cheers, all the Best

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@wricky, 03/10/19 12:00:54PM
Thanks for listening Carol Sue , you are very kind and I hope all is going your way!
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@BLJ, 01/27/19 09:20:06AM
Hi Carol Sue. Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving such a nice comment on my tune. So awesome to hear you still making great music!
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@Chris Georgiou, 01/08/19 05:16:50AM
Dear Carol,

have a wonderfull day, a great 2019 and all the best.
Long time, but never Forget such great People and musicans like you are.
Shine on my dear
Chris G.
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@Axxmann, 09/04/18 11:45:40AM
Thanks for the complement on my track Hamebone Strut.
Listened to your stuff love it especially your voice and style.
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@PhillipFoxley, 02/21/18 06:33:11AM
Huge thanks for your comment Carol, very much appreciated and best of luck with your own musical adventure!!
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@Gabriel, 12/27/17 05:45:19PM
Hey You :-)
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@josephrodz, 12/04/15 08:56:37PM
Welcome back
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@Lyrical Princess, 12/01/15 11:24:52AM
Welcome back Dear Friend :)