House On The Hill

album: Ed Stone
genre: Country
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House On The Hill copyright Stone & cooter   Her first love came with the flowers of spring The rainbows colors, and a young girl's dream Lost in a...
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The artist is Ed Stone.  Ed and I co-wrote the song.   Ed Stone - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars Field Whipple -Upright Bass "Cowboy" Eddie Long - Dobro...
House On The Hill
Eric Saitz
03/07/20 03:37:34PM @eric-saitz:
What a great song! Excellent lyrics and vocal delivery. An all around wonderful song from all involved.

01/30/17 03:26:44AM @steve-bramer:
That's honest music man. I love this tune. Mr Stone has a great great voice and that's surely some nice writing. Your production is always pristine. Damn Cooter. You all are making some music.
07/30/14 06:34:01PM @hooyoosay:
All the great things said in all these comments are well -well-well-deserved! What more could be added? Can only repeat: excellent song and perfect rendition!
09/17/11 07:17:06PM @planetjazzbass:
Songs from the heart are always the best,they have this unshakable integrity which can't be faked or compromised..House on the Hill not only falls into this category it sets a benchmark..The musical tide came in and left this beautiful construct at the high water mark for all to enjoy...superb work!..cheers Dave/planet
09/05/11 02:20:18PM @bri-an:
...wholly crap Kooder. this whole toon is amazing...been playing it alot...
Build up is "SpeilburgProduction" in depth, and with a story line that reminds me of how it was for many, pastNpresent. at a certain age in life, the wants, the needs...
presented with a class that shouldn't be denyed or past by. exceptional writng.

08/26/11 05:38:34PM @durod:
House On The Hill is EXCELLENT! Writing is hit quality and the compostion and performance is the kind that needs to be on the radio. Beautiful work to all involved.
01/03/11 09:46:25PM @spud:
Just heard this on Big Pete's radio an understated declaration,well done,man ! Everything in the song package is just great. Love it...
Cheers, ~Spud~

12/27/10 07:26:12PM @eirik-finbak:
Ed, you really has an Amazing and strong voice, that i bleive can carry almost every genre in the music world.

This song/lyrics has a ballad feel to it, but in the same time also a groovy tune with a cathy melody line.

-Eirik Finbak

Incarnate Word
12/27/10 06:32:50PM @incarnate-word:
Oh yeah I remember this song. this song is reminiscent of Elvis. Yes I said the King, but understand I spent time in Nashville and though I never knew the king personally I grew up singing to his music and when he became older and was branching out his music was starting in this direction. you guys have turned down that road and showed us the way to a better Country. Thanks you guys. Great Job.
12/07/10 04:23:06PM @marie-dailly:
What can I say, my friend?
You KNOW how much I love this song. It has everything I love in a song; it stirs my heart, pleases my ear, makes me smile while I cry, and of course, makes me want to sing along!
Thank you!
Master songsmith, you deserve every second of your time as AOTM!!

09/05/11 10:09:23AM @dolce:
I just had to come by and say something about this one. It is an incredibly evocative song. Well done, Kooder.
Luca Wulf
10/14/10 11:00:16AM @huge-artist:
I just came from Okie's page where Iw as listening to "Hair of the dog",excellent,so felt it fitting that I stop in on this song again.
The only thing that ties the two together is "Song writing"
No amount of production trickery can mask the weak song.

I know it says "Country" on the tin,and I guess it is,but that's justa tag we use to sift through quickly to what we like or don't.

As I said to Okie,I am to country what Emu's are to hang-gliding.
I have no idea what makes a great country song.
Very little background knowledge on the genre at all,and if I'm honest,most of the country I've hear,apart from the old classics,left me completely cold.

But this is a great song.
It doesn't require genre knowledge,it doesn't require anything but listening to
Solid gold song writing,beautiful performance,and when it ends,it's warm atmosphere stays in the mind.

Solid gold,and so it should be.

10/10/10 04:37:59PM @scanvoice:
Had to come to give a personal review on this piece.
Been playing this over and over again now for a while.
Can't explain it but this get's strait to my soul somehow.
It raises the hair on my whole body.
This happens not to often lately.
I have fallen treuly in love with this song.
Everything is just wright and sounds very good.
Thx for this.

Grtzzz ScanVoice

09/26/10 11:59:04AM @the-full-quid:
my favorite song so far gets you right from the start , it has it all , great sound instantly familiar , which is great , the kind of song you want to hear again and again .
09/25/10 09:14:15AM @david-c-deal:
Fantastic lyrics, deeply poetic. Solid production, instrumentation and performance. Your chord changes are just perfect.
Sam Houston
09/19/10 03:04:07PM @sam-houston:
This is an AWESOME AWESOME song! There's just no other way to say it. This is a hit and should be on the radio. Awesome lyrics, awesome vocals, awesome guitar. I love everything about this song! If I ever decide to start playing again, would you mind if I cover it on stage? I'll obviously give you all the credit.
09/14/10 09:40:42PM @michael-frazier:
Another well written tune kooder. I'm a fan. Nice work to all on everything. Sweet songwriting and solid musical work. Excellent listening.
09/14/10 07:18:01PM @planettraxx:
Kooder I am so glad you found Mixposure. It doesn't take long to know you are a top notch artist. I have become an instant fan from the first song I heard and this one is no different ! - Bilbozo
Luca Wulf
09/14/10 03:22:53PM @huge-artist:
Again,a huge shift in mood.
There's that guy and his acoustic,sitting there fashoning a song through the crossing outrs of lyrics and rearanging the patterns,until a song emerges that shines.

Some you have to work for,some give themselves to you.
It all depends on how much you love what you do,it seems to know.
I don't think it would be an over-statement to say that these songs were written by someone who's given his entire life to the love of music.
I could be wrong,but I don't think so.

The song just shines.
Beautiful,warm and fragile,much like the lady in question I would imagine.

Well,I've listened now to all you have up here.
Can't buy it,can't fake it.

PLEASE let me know of any further uploads.

09/12/10 06:40:32AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Calling a tune classic is a bit trite, but this really ticks all the style boxes so you have to listen. So classic! ftlpope
Rob Grant
09/10/10 02:33:08PM @rayon-vert:
Very much hooked, from the start. GREAT sounding acoustic guitar and dobro. Vocals are excellent, as is the chord arrangement, production, and all performances.


09/10/10 12:49:03PM @mel:
Kooder, another wonderful listen. Super words, sung perfectly with real emotion. Guitar is lovely.... a really great little Country song here, very radio worthy! Take Care, Melsi
Farrell Jackson
09/10/10 11:13:23AM @farrell-jackson:
The intro dobro is a great opener. Again the singer has a very good voice. Another well written song and I'm noticing your bridges are right on as are your lyric. Enjoyed it!


Farrell Jackson
08/24/11 10:43:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Alright! Some real country music with great words and melody kooder! Ed has a great voice and uses it like a professional...he's as good or better than many of country male vocalist that have made it to the big top.......



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